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Bringing things up to date

With everyday I seemed to be growing, at 4 months lil bubba started kicking. A budding football star.

We didn’t want to wait to know what sex bubba was we wanted to know asap. So at our first scan we found out, drum roll please……. bubba’s a GIRL.

A girl? uh oh! A girl, I’m a girl and man did my parents have a handful. Maybe she won’t be anything like me, cross fingers. And hopefully living here in Tonga she won’t get into too much trouble?

Us at 9 months

Us at 9 months

Anyway time carried on its merry little way along with half my wardrobe. It was a really amazing experience having something living and growing inside me. I was lucky I had a really enjoyable pregnancy, I had a little bit of heartburn and my feet swelled near the end but that was it.

Then on the 12th of September TIMALIA ANA KOLOTO blessed us with her presence. She was an early bird by ten days. Weighing in at 2.85kgs she was the tiniest baby at the hospital but compared to Tongan babies most babies are.

Our latest addition

Our latest addition

We had to stay overnight to make sure she passed her warrent of fitness but as soon as we could we were off home.

Luckily there was only one couple staying at the lodge and they pretty much to care of themselves so we could focus nearly all of our attention on this little gift we had just received.

People said she looked like me and some said like her father but we both thought she looked like Timalia and still do. She has blue eyes like her dad but his are what I call “saphires from the sky” and hers are “saphires from the sea”. She also has his lips, she has the same color hair as me and her hands are the same as mine but really she’s just Timalia.

saphires from the sea

saphires from the sea

She is now three and a half months and is as healthy as can be so after much diliberation we have decide to move back to our little Island. We only came to the mainland to have our daughter and even though Tongatapu has more things to offer we prefer our little island.

In ‘Eua she will grow up surrounded by friends that she will have for life and by people that love her already and that havn’t even met her yet.

‘Eua is still more traditional in the way that a village is still like a big family, kids play freely running off to the bush to climb trees and play make believe but still help parents out with chores. I think it’s how it use to be in most other places before people forgot what living is about, before boxes began to dominate our lives.


So that’s the plan so far we are moving back to ‘Eua. We are going to be working at another resort, The Hideaway, it’s our friends resort but he’s been so busy with other things this year that it’s in need of a little TLC and I guess we just love challenges.

The lodge we are at now, that we got up and going, is doing alright considering it’s the first year. We have had good reviews for it anyway so hopefully we wil be able to do the same for The Hideaway.

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Eyelandgrl’s Life

So this is me

Me and my love in 'Eua

Me and my love in 'Eua

I’m 23 years old, live on a tiny island in the South Pacific, am married and as of the 12th of  September 2008 have a gorgeous baby girl.

Originally from NZ, we moved here to Tonga for the lifestyle. We figure you work and work to pay bills and save to go on holiday or have your weekends off and still at the end of the day you have to work and work some more just to stay a float. But when we came here on a holiday we realised that thats not what life is about and we didn’t want to go back to working half the week and only being able to spend some time with each other.

We are the kind of couple that hate spending time apart and y0u would think that after a year and a bit we would be making excuses to have time to ourselves – well we ain’t and when we do have to be apart we miss each other so much. Mushy but true.

So lets begin from the start of our journey where the search for a simple life became not so simple.

Last year(07) in August, my fiance’ and I visited Tonga, where my dad is from, and fell in love with the place.

4 weeks later we had packed up our things in New Zealand, went and got our marriage licence and decided that we were going to live in Tonga.

We had been wanting a change. I was an Electrician and my husband was a chef, so work was getting in the way of life. Tonga appealed to us because here it felt like all that stress we put on ourselves to keep up in the rat race didn’t exist here. & it doesn’t but it is starting to head that way, especially with the word democracy hanging in the air. But that’s another topic for later.

So we ended up on this small island, Eua. 2 hours by boat or an 8 min flight from the mainland.

The little resort on 'Eua

The little resort on 'Eua

We were helping out a small resort for our lodgings. It was great with each other all the time, no stress, no worries and eventually no money, because we had spent almost 10k on bringing a container over with our stuff in it. The biggest mistake we’ve ever mad,  lesson learned- the hard way.

However we were still getting by but our savings were just dwindling down and down. Then something happened that we always wanted but weren’t quite ready for and thats when things became not so simple

So did you guess it?

We were pregnant!! Emotions flying all over the place, confused, do we stay do we go?

Then after many different plans coming to mind we realized that one of the reason’s for moving to Tonga was to raise our family here. In Tonga family comes first, on our little island, ‘Eua, even the post office and bank close to go home for lunch with the family. Cute aye!!

But being my first child I was a bit apprehensive about having my baby in ‘Eua’s tiny hospital so we decided we would move to the mainland, Tongatapu.

As always we happened upon an opportunity to start a guest house for a Tongan couple that run the diving and boat charters here in Tongatapu, Deep Blue Diving and cruises.

So with our new home and our job sorted we just had to wait for us two to become three.

My baby bump 5 months

My baby bump 5 months